1. What Makes A Great Yoga Teacher

    When people go to yoga classes, some may go only to learn the proper techniques but for the majority of students, they go because they enjoy their instructor. As you may know, at Yoga Den, we offer yoga teacher training and while we will give you all of the tools to be a great yoga teacher, there ar…Read More

  2. More Ways To Be A Great Yoga Teacher

    In our last blog, we talked about some of the ways that you can be a great yoga teacher. Sometimes, it takes more than spectacular yoga teacher training to be a fantastic yoga instructor. You have to bring a part of yourself into the yoga studio every time you teach a class. We want to give you more…Read More

  3. Even More Ways To Be A Great Yoga Teacher

    In the past couple of blogs, we have talked about what makes great yoga teachers. At The Yoga Den, we can give you all of the tools you need to teach others how to correctly perform each yoga pose but it is up to you to be the best teacher you can be. What we can do is give you more qualities that m…Read More