Overview Of Our Mandarin Yoga Studio

Yoga Den was founded in 2002, opening its first studio in the beautiful suburb of Mandarin in Jacksonville, Florida. Conceived by Alyson Foreacre in the neighborhood where she grew up, Yoga Den offers both all-level classes (MindBody) as well as high energy, athletic classes (Sun Power) to meet the needs of all patrons who enter our doors. All classes offered at our Mandarin yoga studio in Jacksonville provide eclectic blends of the styles and lineages that Alyson had the privilege to learn from her own teachers. Be sure to take a look at our yoga class descriptions to figure out which class you would like to participate in at our yoga studio in Jacksonville.

Yoga Den Mandarin offers classes that span across the fitness-level spectrum every day of the week. With a post-traditional philosophy of ‘let the shape conform to you, not the other way around’, Yoga Den has and will always foster a no-judgement attitude at our yoga classes. We encourage students to listen to their bodies and learn their limits while also pushing themselves to be better and better at every class. We have a wide variety of props which we utilize during our yoga classes including mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets even sweat and mat towels —  all available for use with no rental charges associated.

Our amazing yoga instructors keep each and every class engaging, relaxing, and powerful so you can get the best workout and experience the mental and physical benefits of yoga.

Become A Yoga Instructor In Jacksonville

Our Mandarin location is also home to Yoga Den’s 200-hour Teacher Training program for those who want to become yoga instructors themselves. Founded in 2004, and the first Yoga Alliance accredited school in Jacksonville, the Yoga Den 200-Hour Teacher Training program is the best way to learn the skills you need to become a certified yoga teacher.

In our designated yoga instructor training studio, we offer six  annual 200TT sessions with multiple formats for flexibility, as well as monthly 300TT modules for those looking to continue their education as a yoga instructor. Out of these trainings have come some of Jacksonville’s most experienced and qualified yoga instructors and studio owners, offering a wide variety of styles and traditions found at all seven Yoga Den studios. Feel free to download our free app to have the schedule handy, and even sign up for classes, workshops, and training sessions from your phone. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon because the first yoga class is always FREE!

About Our New Location

We are so excited about our upcoming move! Just a few minutes up the road, our new yoga studio in Mandarin, Jacksonville was designed by us from the ground up to accommodate our needs. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date info.

We will be moving out of our current location December 1st (they are tearing the building down at the end of December), and into our temporary studio space which is literally right next to our new space in the same building. Our temporary space will offer 2 studios, one 1500 square feet, the other 800 square feet, (with the floors you love!) so still plenty of space and comfort as we move toward the opening of our awesome new space…and you will be able to walk down and see the progress! SO EXCITED, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!