Welcome to Yoga Den Cross Roads

Welcome to Crossroads, the newest Yoga Den location. Join us at the premier yoga studio in the expanding community of Yulee, at the intersection of SR-200 and US-17, just 4 miles east of I-95. We offer a variety of yoga classes daily to meet the needs of all fitness levels and take pride in embracing everyone. Though our studio is new, you can feel confident in the expertise of our teachers, as each teacher is professionally trained and ascribes to the Yoga Den philosophy of no judgment. We also offer training opportunities that meet Yoga Alliance standards. We foster personal growth and spiritual connections and emphasize safety to promote the well-being of our yoga family. As a psychologist, our owner prioritizes the emotional, physical, and mental health of our members. We strive to be environmentally friendly and focus on reducing our carbon footprint. Come find your home at Yoga Den Crossroads. We look forward to meeting you!