Yoga Den franchisees are partners in continuing to develop and expand our very distinct culture and community. We are all about the vibe and people that join us on the mat. Integral to the creation of any Yoga Den studio is understanding how both the location and its local demographic will influence the studio design and class offerings. Yoga Den will work side by side to help develop the Yoga Den in your community

Yoga Den studio & boutique

  • Location selection and studio design guidance and support
  • Operations systems and training
  • Initial and ongoing instructor training programs
  • Access to continuous updates of class methodology
  • Initial and ongoing marketing and management programs, training and support
  • Design support for retail space and proven product lines
  • Team and community building resources

Why choose a franchise vs. new business
**Franchises offer often many years of development and experience that has already proven to be a successful outcome.

If you would like more information about the possibilities of become a Yoga Den partner please email us at