2018 9-day Summer Immersion

June 16-24th


  • June 16-17: Classics: Meditation, Sanskrit and Kriyas with Satish Rajana, RYT500
  • June 18-19: Bhakti Vinyasa TT with Alyson Foreacre ERYT500
  • June 20-21: Yin and Yoga Nidra TT with Michael Hibberts  AP, ERYT 500
  • June 22nd: The Art of Assiting: Verbal, Visual & Manual with Alyson Foreacre
  • June 23-24: Kids Yoga Training with Sharon Mathews RYT 200, BAE in Elementary Ed.
Early bird by May 15th $1,000
*Can be taken individually




  • January 13-14: Yin Yoga, Meridians and Ancient Elements with Michael Hibberts, AP, ERYT 500 & Kelly Arnett ERYT 500
  • February 10-11: Bhakti Vinyasa-Teaching to the rhythm of Ujjayi with Alyson Foreacre, ERYT 500
  • March 10-11: Seniors and Chair Yoga with Beth Daugherty, ERYT 200, M.S., M.A.
  • April 21-22: Advanced Chakra Anatomy with Alyson Foreacre, ERYT 500
  • May 19-20: Pre-Post Natal Yoga with Alyson Foreacre, ERYT 500 & Aleah Smith RYT500
  • June 16-17: Anusara & the Melt Method with Joyce Savits ERYT 500
  • June 23-24: Kids Yoga Training with Sharon Mathews RYT 200, BAE in Elementary Ed.
  • July 14-15 Kundalini Yoga with Humberto Castillo ERYT 500
  • August 4-5: Yoga and Ayurveda with Dr. Jon and Heather Repole RYT 200,RMHCI, LMT, MS
  • August 11-12: Restorative Yoga Training with Dr. Khristi Keefe, RYT 500
  • September 8-9: Advanced Yoga Anatomy with Tristan Gatto, PTA, RYT 200
  • October 6-7: Ashtanga and the Melt Method with Gregg Perkins RYT 500
  • November 10-11: Classics, Meditation, Sanskrit, Kriyas with Satish Rajana ERYT 500
  • December 8-9: The Teacher’s Toolbox:The Art of Sequencing with Themes,Delivering Effective Cues, Master Class and Workshop Development
  • with Alyson Foreacre, ERYT 500

*An Elective of your choice: Acro Yoga, SUP Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage

TUITION  $3400 *$400 discount if you register by November 1st  Yoga Den graduates receive a 10% discount  Monthly payment plan available 200TT + 300TT = 500RYT 

“I loved this training. Delving into many advanced topics was the reason I chose this program.” Kristin W. Gibsonia, PA

Our 300 hour curriculum builds on the foundational studies established in the 200-hour program and is designed to help you get to the next step in your yoga teaching, practice and personal journey. Yoga Den’s 300-hour advanced training prepares trainees to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and/or more subtle. Our well-rounded program integrates the traditional and post-traditional, combining classical theory with modern science and therapeutics to provide you with a comprehensive education. Completion of a 200TT is a prerequisite. By improving your effectiveness, deepening your knowledge, and providing you with tools for adapting yoga to suit a range of student needs, you will graduate from this 300-hour advanced program with an increased confidence and invaluable experience that comes from working closely with highly trained professionals. Yoga Den’s 300 hour staff is made up of certified RYT 500 instructors and highly trained professionals with extensive experience in their fields. Upon graduation you will receive your 300 certificate.  Once you submit your 300TT certificate to the Yoga Aliiance, you are eligible to apply forr your 500RYT certificate. FAQ’S What if I can’t make certain weekends? Can I make them up?  Yes, this is one of the advantages of our training program. If you miss a weekend, it will be repeated in the summer session so you can make it up then. Likewise, if you cant make all of the summer sssion you can make up what you miss during a weekend training. The schedule repeats itself every year so you can be certain you will be able to get what you missed. What if I can’t finish because something comes up? The Yoga Alliance gives you 3 years to complete your 300TT from the time you start. As long as you can make up what you missed in that time frame, you will be able to graduate. What if I got my 200TT from a different school? Can I still attend? Yes, the Yoga Aliiance allows you to obtain your 200TT and 300TT from different schools. Can I do some of your training and some training with other schools? The Yoga Alliance says that you have to choose 1 school for your 300TT. That said, if you would like to attend any of our 300TT workshops to diversify your skillset you are welcome to do so, and we can offer you CEU’S. You just can’t combine CEU’s from different schools to receive your 500RYT. If time and budget are a consideration, you may want to consider consolidating your training. If you have some  300TT CUE’s from another school, and would like to graduate from Yoga Den, we will consider accepting some of your CEU’s. This will be a case by case consideration. Do I need to get my 300TT? That depends on what your goals and personal desires are. As a student, you will learn even more about the science and histroy of yoga, it’s variuos traditions and about your own body with deeper studies in Anatomy and Yoga Therapy. As a teacher, you will expand your resume, and broaden your skillset by being able to teach a variety of classes. You typically don’t need your 300TT to get hired to teach yoga, but it may give you a competitive edge. If your 200TT was transformative and life-changing, the odds are good an advanced study will have profound affects on your personal practice and in your teaching capabilities. What if I’m not a teacher, but just want to learn more? Perfect! We’d love to have you join us:) What’s the difference between 300TT and 500TT? The Yoga Alliance made some changes in how they label schools a few years back. There used to be 200TT and 500TT schools but now there are 200TT and 300TT schools. Once you graduate from both, you can get your 500RYT certificate from the yoga Alliance. Click here to sign up!

Training Formats:

Yoga Den offers two tracks to obtain your 300-hour training certification. Our weekend modular training is a 12-month long program and is a convenient and flexible way to obtain your advanced certification and/or to receive continuing education credits, all of which will be recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This format allows time for optimal learning and retention. Our Summer Immersion accommodates students who learn most effectively by plunging themselves into a subject or whose schedules demand completion of our in-depth program in the shortest period possible. Yoga Den’s 300-hour summer immersion occurs over the course of two 14-day periods with a month break in between.